Tuesday, January 20, 2009


While we were waiting for Vivian to arrive The 3 little rascals decided to have a "chip party" is what Myles told me He would pass the chips out to the girls The were having a great time.

Those are some cheesy faces

Baby Vivian has arrived

Baby Vivian Kate with mommy She is so sweet.

Pretty cute family

Perfect in every way

I am already the favorite Aunt Sorry Angie, Mary and Michelle

Daddys girl

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

3 Knights




Those 3 rascals love that Knight helmet and they sure lokk cute

HAPPY 2009

Tyson playing mario cart on the DS and Jaxon right by his side giving him play by play on what he was doing . :)

Playing Rock band and we weren't too bad

3 Hot Mommas

Kennedy all dressed up to ring in the new year.

We all went to Shelby's and had LOTS of good food and played games and Rock band and toasted the new year with some martinelle It was a great night.


Kenny already likes to dress up with headbands, shoes , jewelry she loves it all

Jammies from Gammy and Grandpa Thank you

Tyson putting k car together christmas eve it was so fun being santa

Daddy and Kennedy

Mommy and Kennedy

We had such a wonderful Christmas just the 3 of us Tyson did a great job doing nost of the plans We watched movies ate pizza played games and Christmas day we had breakfest with Shelby and played with there new wii

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Kennedy loves the snow

It was definetly a white Christmas here Which is fun for Christmas but I am ready for some sunshine. Kennedy defintley enjoyed the snow She is such a cute little snow angel

Angelas new hair cut

Ang you are one hot momma I love the new do.

Visit to Menan

Jaxon is getting so big and so handsome

We finally got a hug out of Kenny

Pound it !!

It is always an effort to take a picture with those 3.

Thank you Grandma for the Christmas gifts.

The Girls and I went to visit Grandma and Aunt C for Christmas it was so fun to see them and the kids had fun at Grandmas with the baby kittens and toys also lunch it was a fun trip over. We went to see Aunt C at work and the kids got fun gifts and that i am sure was the best part of her day was seeing those babies they are sure fun
We love you two.